Denisa Lehocká


Denisa Lehocká, bez tytułu, kamień rzeczny, 2014. Wystawa „Beyond the Obvious – Contemporary Women Artists from CEE”, Deák Erika Galéria, Budapeszt 2015

Lehocká builds a unique register of everyday objects and situations: she is presenting them in small groupings on the tables, putting them on the walls, hanging them, or putting them directly on the floor. In this way fragile and vulnerable „spatial networks of memory”, idea projections in the space come to existence. The author encodes her creative message in symbiosis with natural items (stones, minerals, branches, pearls), artificial items (soap, strings, threads, boards) and artistic items (plaster casts, small objects, sensitive drawings). She systematically builds a micro-world of the need for intimacy, anchoring, rooting (she often uses a black circle or sphere, junction of spots, motive of sprouts or roots etc.). The author thus contributes to formation of a different type of visual communication in our environs: instead of conventional dialogue with an individual picture she creates open visual fields which, with its fragmentariness and a mass of detail, do not lack integrity and an inevitable vibration with the spectator.

Źródło / source

Beyond the Obvious – Contemporary Women Artists from CEE | Deák Erika Galéria


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