Alexandra Baumgartner „2 harfy” (“2 Harps”), drewno, werniks, struny, 2016. Wystawa “Noul romantism negru / New Black Romanticism”, The National Museum of Art of Romania. Bukareszt 2017

“(…) The harp is also used as a means to communicate dark forebodings. In dream interpretation, the harp stands for the vibration – the dreamer needs to bring harmony to his/her life. When the harp is part of a dream, it indicates an autonomic nervous system chronic overstress which should be solved. Furthermore, the harp is also a religious symbol for inner balance, peace of mind – but also for the death wish. Depressed persons often have dreams of this uncommon instrument when they feel overwhelmed, unable to cope with their problems and ready to leave everything behind”.

(z katalogu: New Black Romanticism )




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