Max Ernst „(Amoureuse) Who Is This Tall Sick Person”, olej na płótnie, 1924. Wystawa „With New Eyes. Surreal Worlds”, Staatliche Museen. Berlin 2016

„my goldrush gainst her silvernetss”
James Joyce Finnegans Wake (1939)


Ilustracje w: Alexander Roob Alchemy and Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum (1997)


„It’s obvious that the soul of every lover longs for something else; his soul cannot say what it is, but like an oracle it has a sense of what it wants, and like an oracle it hides behind a riddle. Suppose two lovers are lying together and Hephaestus stands over them with his mending tools, asking, ‚What is it you human beings really want from each other?’ And supose they’re perplexed, and he ask them again: ‚Is this your heart’s desire, then – for the two of you to become parts of the same whole, as near as can be, and never to separate, day or night? Because if that’s your desire, I’d like to weld you together and join you into something that is naturally whole, so that the two of you are made into one.”

Plato Symposium w: Steven M. Cahn Classics of Western Philosophy (2012)



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