József Tasnádi


József Tasnádi „Waiting is a form of life”, instalacja, 400 x 220 x 60 cm,
Instytut Polski, Budapeszt, 2014

„Waiting always has a direction. In case I consider direction to be good per se, shall I also consider waiting as such? In waiting, as in hoping, time factor – patience – plays an important role. If we are lucky even freedom will arrive and so we can admit: finally something memorable happened.

Is freedom something expectable or it rather comes unlooked-for? Is it calculable or unexpected? Then, we might ask whether the unexpected is always a surprise? Or, is it always memorable? Or… is the memorable always unexpected? In any case: can the expectable be memorable at all?

If waiting is a form of life then hoping can surely be that. Waiting contains some kind of parasitism, in which, however, there is something miracle-like: that angels might be there backstage.”


József Tasnádi


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