Alexandra Baumgartner „Symbioza”(„Symbiosis”), nogi od fortepianu, 2016. Wystawa „Noul romantism negru / New Black Romanticism”, The National Museum of Art of Romania. Bukareszt 2017

„Alexandra Baumgartner’s works often functions like collages: through the artist’s intervention, pictorial realities are contextually superimposed and merged into somenthing new. Most of her works are based on found materials and furniture, which she modifies so as to highlight their surreal, uncany character. The materials consist of old photographs, drawings and pages from magazines found at flea markets, which are later enhanced by means of painting, sewing or appliqueing, resulting in a fundamental transformation of portraits and everyday scenes whose innocent motifs suddenly appear enigmatic.”

Obrazy w tle: Adam Saks „Pazur” („Claw”), 2015-2016 i „Kwiecie” (Blossom”), 2014; olej na płótnie.


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