István Csákány „A Mirror Dimly / Tükör által”, instalacja, drewno, 2017. Glassyard Gallery. Budapeszt 2018

„(…) When in 2010 he was completing Bernsteinzimmer, based on his father’s shed, elements of science-fiction were already present. The terrestrial living space of the Solaris astronaut was able to manifest itself in a world shaped by human patterns. Although the new space is closer to Stalker’s Zone. Emotions and desires are mixed with reality; the weary requisites of the upper-middle class way of life are standing in opposition to the shadow play of the fictional world.

In the gaze of the person watching we can notice a Wunderkammer’s classical elements: an automaton in perpetual motion, objects carved out with exceptional care, statues with colorful shadows, nature’s beauty captured in wood, rare books. If we are not looking from the side of the mirror, the sight is a collection of ordinary items, dead atmosphere, and grandiose stage for a non-existent play. There are no people in it, only the visitor, who, as stalked witness, imagines what had happened there, in those seemingly abandoned rooms, what different items remind them of, what forgotten culture these furniture can summon.”

(József Mélyi / Glassyard Gallery)

„Stalker”, 1979, reż. Andriej Tarkowski


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