Pimp My Pump

„Pimp My Pump”, streetartowe pompy. Zagrzeb 2016



Salvador Dali

Andy Warhol

Pablo Picasso

Bob Marley


The Warriors (1979)


„If you grew up in Zagreb, you must remember water pumps. They were a part of hanging around in neighborhoods. Chasing around parks and streets always ended beside the pumps. Kids used them to drink water, to play with them, to rinse off mud or blood off their knees, and, of course, to pour „champagne” – a handy trick, which includes a shot, and a constant water flow without holding the handle, but pumps remained a part of childhood.

Historical pumps date back to the late 19th set in households which didn’t have aqueducts. Although the city aqueduct calls them „Viktorija zdenci”, the people nicknamed them „Železni Francek” and „Železni Martin” (Iron Francek or Iron Martin), and the name is still in use today. Public pumps are one of the oldest, but also one of the most unrecognizable landmarks of the city.

As time passed (we grew, and the city changed), the pumps started becoming unneeded. They became forgotten, or no one paid any attention to them, as they were dark and rusty. Once a necessary daily need couldn’t have been sent to oblivion because people ignore it. We decided to give a new life to the pumps and to return them to our everyday lives.

This is how Pimp my Pump was born, in one, not very quiet night, in the heart of Trešnjevka. A five-member crew, at their prime, without protesting started spending their time (as well as rather large sums of money), giving back souls to the old pieces of iron. They look for „Franceks” in hidden Zagreb streets, corners and yards, and attack the dead gray color with car sprays, giving them new, multicolored identities”.

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