Subjective Museum

Petra Feriancova „Things that Happen and Things that Are Done”, fotografia, obiekty, 2014. Wystawa: „Subjective Museum / Beyond the Obvious – Contemporary Women Artists from CEE”, Viltin Gallery. Budapeszt 2015


„Archiving can be conceived as an activity that protects everyday objects from perishing. Collecting is driven by an inner urge. You can collect anything. It is up to you what and how you want to archive. By collecting you change the object’s function and meaning, by taking it out of its original context and placing it into a new set of rules. In fact, what we do is select an object, part of nature, phenomenon or anything else, attributing significance to it. The identity of the collection created by way of selecting and archiving is also an opportunity to define ourselves, while also demonstrating what we find significant from the flood of information around us”.

Viltin Gallery


„In the manifestation of the sacred, an object, such as a stone or tree, turns into something else while remaining itself and continuing to be part of the cosmic order. A hierophany – to use Mircea Eliade’s term (…). Petra Feriancova is an artist capable of elaborating autobiographical elements in an authentic way, fusing them with other information coming from many different areas, translating them all into catalogues, intimate and universal at the same time, which have the inspiration of epic narratives, although they are fragments, fragile scores or situations that could be termed infra-ordinary. On this occasion she tells of myths and mysteries which, in their unutterability, relate the time of contemporary humanity to archaic humanity. The exhibition is based on two fundamental elements: the sacred and the profane, and creation as rebirth after catastrophe (soul as air, in the form of air chambers; and the transformation of time through the material – clay, which creates a corruptible landscape, a mutation in the alchemical sense)”.

Massimiliano Scuderi



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