Amalia Dulhan „Ni dieu ni maitre” („No gods, no masters; injury to one is an injury to all”), 90×70 cm, akryl na płótnie, 2014. Wystawa: „Imaginarium”, Muzeum Sztuki (Muzeul de Artă). Arad 2018

“We are light, we are dark, we are floating then we fall, we have skins and claws and hearts, we sink deep within each other and we shine and then it stops.” Amalia Dulhan (Art Yourself Gallery)

„Můra”, 99×74 cm, acrylic and charcoal on paper, 2014


„Daimon the White Eyed”, 98,5×75 cm, acrylic and charcoal on paper, 2014


„Sweet Chimaera”, 149,5×120 cm, acrylic and charcoal on paper, 2014


„Lotus Fire” 70×49 cm, acrylic and charcoal on paper, 2014


„Amour” 50×30 cm, acrylic and pencil on pape, 2013

„The tiger is of course a symbolic representation of the Self, solitary and curious, powerful, beautiful and surreal. It’s not a real tiger, the pattern on its fur is made of black tears. I guess I’ve never outgrew animistic beliefs and I am still very comfortable with them so I use that as inspiration for my works. I think decoding the meaning behind the symbols in my work is part of experiencing my works themselves, something each person should do using their own intellectual and emotional resources. I will only admit that they encompass ideas and feelings like: fragility, limerence, fear, sadness, futility and identity.” Amalia Dulhan (Art Yourself Gallery)

„Curiosity”, 29×21 cm acrylic, watercolor and pencil on paper, 2014


„Play”, 29×21 cm, china ink on paper, 2015


„The Beautiful Escape”, 45×32 cm, acrylic and graphite pencil on paper, 2017

„Amalia Dulhan offers visitors an exclusive view to an intimate world where the Self blossoms, sometimes burns or restrains itself, releasing energies that take the form of geometrical patterns, floral motifs or fantastic creatures, according to various emotions, experiences and influences. It seems like an unstable and quite hard to control entity, almost like a demon with its own existence and will inside a time and space that you’ve always considered yours. When the Self expands enough to intersect with the Other, a new relationship unfolds. Beyond the appearance of happiness an imminent end always threatens the moment of love, incapable of manifesting outside the senses, as something that is only now and lasts no less and no more than a beat of the heart or the hold of a hand.” (the re:art)

„Blue Like You”, 80x55cm, acrylic on gessoed board, 2013


„MDMA”, 20×20 cm, acrylic and oils on canvas, 2016

„The most beautiful and sad view in the Universe is the starry sky. I never feel more alone and more at home than when I look at celestial bodies, inaccessible and indifferent, bodies which remind me I was once one of them. I am child of the stars, as all those who gaze at me.” Amalia Dulhan (the re:art)

„The Most Beautiful Thing I Ever Was”, 59x38cm, acrylic on gessoed board (detail), 2014


„My Absolute Moment on Neptune” 37×19,5 cm, acrylic and pencil on gessoed board, 2013

„I’m a piece of matter that is conscious and self-aware, descended from thousands of parents, some of whom may have been drawers, some that may have been writers, some that were hunters and some that probably killed to ensure their existence. What I seek are answers or rather the harmony between them. As for my journey through existence, I feel that I have only just reached the bottom of the mountain, I’m excited and afraid to climb it, but I know that up there there must be some Meaning.” Amalia Dulhan (the re:art)


Amalia Dulhan


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