The Doors

Dwa węże; drzwi do Muzeum Historii Medycyny Semmelweisa (Semmelweis Orvostörténeti Múzeum). Budapeszt 2018

Two serpents of kundalini, the two flow channels: solar pindala and lunar ida, the male and female sides, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The symbol of transformative powers and connection between the cosmos and the individual psyche.


Ilustracje w: Alexander Roob Alchemy and Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum (1997)


The single snake from the rod of Asclepius, symbol of healing. According to ancient Greeks, a wise sacred snake licked Asclepius’s ears clean and taught him secret knowledge.


András Wahorn „Woman with a Snake”, Indian ink and crayon on cardboard (detail below), 1986. Hungarian National Gallery. Budapest 2018



Kundalini awakening, dream travels, clairvoyance, healing abilities, or any kind of significant doors on the path of consciousness refinement process are just that – doors to take a step forward, not to get attached to. Enjoy the experience that gradually fills the vessel and makes it larger, wider, and finally transparent for the limitless presence and unconditional love.




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