Wave of Dreams

Caroline Bachmann „Lupa”, olej na płótnie, 80×80 cm, 2018, Balcony Gallery (Vienna Contemporary). Wiedeń 2018

„There are relations other than the real that the mind is capable of grasping, and that are also primary, like chance, illusion, the fantastic, the dream. These various species are brought together and reconciled in a genus: surreality.”

„Dreams, dreams, dreams, the domain of dreams extends further at each step. Dreams, dreams, dreams, the blue sun of dreams at last drives the steel-eyed beasts back to their lairs. Dreams, dreams, dreams on the lips of love, on the figures of happiness, on the sobs of attention, on the signals of hope (…)”


„Omens above the houses, visions at the bottom of pools of ink and in the coffee-grounds, migrations of birds on the laterality of soothsayers, hearts consulted by bloody fingers, announce – the times unwrap themselves from their draperies – your reign and your cyclone, adorable siren, incomparable clown of the caverns, o vision leaning back on the coral, color of falls, odor of the wind! (…) Who is that man by the shore of myths and the sea, all in snow and silence?”


„Great uselessness, foaming sea, I am your eroded cliff. Rise, rise, child of the moons, o tide: I’m the one who’s getting worn down, whom the wind blows away. It’s just a habit, when the night is too thick, with its specters, its frights, if I hold out my hands to the beams of the lighthouses turning far-off.”


„It’s because he dreams, and I dream, carried away, I dream. I dream of a long dream where everyone would dream. I don’t know what will become of this new venture of dreams. I dream on the shore of the world and of night. What was it you wanted to say to me, men far removed, yelling through cupped hands, making fun the sleeper’s gestures? On the shore of night and crime, on the shore of crime and love. O Rivieras of the unreal, your casinos, with no age restriction, open their gaming rooms to those who want to lose! It’s time, believe me, not to win any more. Who’s there? Ah, very good: show in the Infinite.”

Louis Aragon A Wave of Dreams (fragm., 1924), translated by Adam Cornford (1990)




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