Niepokojące muzy

Giorgio de Chirico „Niepokojące muzy” („Le muse inquietanti”), olej na płótnie, 97×66 cm, 1917. Pinakoteka Współczesna (Pinakothek der Moderne). Monachium 2016

”Having left the town, Hebdomeros stopped in a valley which lay a short distance away from the highest mountain rising in the east. At any moment he was to begin a long nocturnal climb and needed to gather his strength, so he sat down on a stone where he had first placed his carefully folded coat and plunged into deep thought; slowly, with each memory from the past, the curtain rose.

Hebdomeros abandoned himself happily to this nostalgia; it was one of his principal weaknesses always to have a certain nostalgia for the past, even for a past that had been completely fulfilled; that was why he liked also to sleep in the afternoon; he maintained that nothing evokes memories of the past so profoundly as the moments before or immediately following the afternoon nap. To his friends he said that it is simply a question of training, but his friends were not always the intellectually elite he might have desired; they were vigorous young people, and willing, but clumsy and often very slow to grasp and understand the requirements of his exceptional nature and the subtleties of his outstanding mind”.

Giorgio de Chirico Hebdomeros (1929, fragm.)

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