Rozmowa książek

Luchezar Boyadjiev „Alice’s Hole or the Swamp of Marx-Leninist Aesthetics”, instalacja, 1991. Sariev Contemporary (Vienna Contemporary). Wiedeń 2018


„Kwiat granatu” (The Color of Pomegranates), 1968, reż. Siergiej Paradżanow


It must have been raining a hundred days,
and the water that saturated
the roots of all the plants
Reached the library and soaked all the holy words
which were closed up in the convent.

When the good weather came,
Sajat-Novà, who was the youngest monk,
got a ladder and took all the books up to the roof,
out in the sun. Then he waited for the warm air
to dry the wet paper.

There was a month of good weather
and the monk kneeled down in the courtyard
waiting for the books to give some sign of life.
And finally one morning the pages started
to rustle slightly in the breeze.
It sounded like a swarm of bees had arrived on the roof
and he started to cry because the books were talking.

Tonino Guerra Canto Nine (1981), translated by Adria Bernardi (Abandoned Places, 1999)




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